Why Choose EIU?

Enjoy qualitystudent-centered education for ministers
in training.

At EUCON International University we strive to train our students in the disciplines of hard work and high standards. Our primary goal is to train our students to cultivate good Christian character. This is because we believe that
once students develop such character they will do well in their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

EUCON is a place where students are prepared to be people after God\’s own heart so that they may serve their generation and the generations to come. We would love for you to come for a visit and see what great things are awaiting you
here at EUCON! We hope to see you soon!

We provide a more individualized instruction to address the diverse needs of our students not only academically but in all aspects of growth. We provide separate dormitories for men and women. Our faculty are well trained and highly
qualified in their areas. In addition, our faculty and staff are tender and loving. Your child has a family in EUCON!

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