Christian Way Missions (CWM)


CWM was founded to be an umbrella organization to accommodate future growth in branch ministries. These ministries include:

  • Chinese for Christ International (CFCI)

  • India for Christ International (IFCI)

  • Christian Way Missions International (CWMI) of Saipan

  • Chinese Bible Church International (CBCI) of Saipan

  • EUCON International University (EIU)

  • EUCON International School (EIS)



Founder and President of Christian Way Missions Inc


Dr Christian Wei came to Christ in 1978 while serving in the Taiwanese military. Called to the ministry in 1980, Dr Wei enrolled in Orient Fundamental Bible College of Taiwan and graduated in 1986. That same year Christian and Judy Wei left Taiwan to study in the United States at Bob Jones University, where Dr Wei received an M.A. (1987) and Ph.D. (1992) in Theology. In 1997, Dr Wei earned a doctorate in education from La Salle University. He founded Christian Way Missions Inc in 1987 while earning his masters and doctoral degrees in theology from Bob Jones University.

Today he is president of CWM and president/administrator of Eucon International University and School of Saipan, where he pastors the Chinese Bible Church. Dr Wei not only has traveled throughout China and Asia, but on Saipan ministers to an international community comprised of Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, and many others. He is generally available to speak in American churches during the Christmas and summer vacation months. He may be reached at  

In 1987 while studying at BJU in Greenville, South Carolina, the Weis helped to establish a local Chinese Bible Church. When several charter members finished their own seminary studies and went to the mission field, the church provided monthly support.
As the church mission program expanded Dr Wei saw a need to form a special organization dedicated to sending missionaries to Chinese peoples throughout the world. Thus Chinese for Christ International (CFCI) was established in 1992.

Two years later, in 1994, Dr Wei founded Christian Way Missions Inc (CWM) as a board for sending missionaries not only to China but to other restricted-access nations. CFCI became the first branch of CWM and has since been joined by India for Christ
International (1996). Dr Wei remains president of CWM.

Chinese for Christ International (CFCI)


The first branch of CWM, Chinese for Christ International (CFCI), is led today by director Dr. Eddie Wang. CFCI prints and distributes Chinese-language gospel literature; operates Eucon International Kindergarten in Harbin, China; and supports
Christian tentmakers who are teaching and ministering among the Chinese people. Dr Wang travels extensively throughout the United States to alert American Christians to the needs of China.

Dr Eddie Wang received Christ as a teenager in China in 1952, leaving China and entering the United States in 1984. Now as director of Chinese for Christ International he is an expert on the Christian church in China, travels internationally to
minister among Chinese-speaking peoples in many nations, and coordinates distribution of gospel literature in the Chinese language. Dr Wang resides in Greenville, South Carolina, and welcome opportunities to speak about the needs of Chinese
and world missions. |

Christian Way Missions International (CWMI) of Saipan


In 1998, Christian Way Missions International of Saipan was formed as the parent organization for EUCON International University (EIU). The organization also operates the Christian Bible Church on Saipan as an English-language congregation for
CWMI workers and local believers.

Chinese Bible Church International (CBCI) of Saipan


Also in 1998, CBCI was established in Saipan to reach the island through local church ministries including EUCON International School (EIS) for grades K thru 12. In turn, EIS provides a cross-cultural environment for the training of Christian
teachers who are being called to minister among Chinese-speaking peoples. CBCI enjoys a fruitful work especially among the 20,000 contract workers and their families who come from mainland China to earn U.S. currency. Many Chinese-speaking Taiwanese also reside on the island of Saipan.

India for Christ International (IFCI) 


The newest branch of Christian Way Missions Inc is IFCI in 1996. The work in India continues to be under development and will position Christian Way Missions Inc to be active in the world\’s two most populous nations, China and India.

US and International Offices


Today Dr Wei resides in Saipan while serving as administrator of Eucon International School, president of EUCON International University, pastor of Chinese Bible Church International, and president of Christian Way Missions Inc.

The CWM headquarters remains in Greenville, South Carolina.

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