EUCON International University

Masters of Business Administration

Purpose and Objectives


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program is designed to meet the busy working professional's needs.  The program is offered totally online, and the degree can be completed in just 15 months.  The 10, three-credit-hour courses are the core of business-related disciplines. Courses are taught by highly qualified faculty that care about student success and engagement.  Best practices are used throughout the program.


Upon completion of the program, the candidates will be able to:


1.   Effectively manage systems and operations, and steward resources within

for-profit and nonprofit organizations, for the benefit of owners, donors, and stakeholders.

2.   Acquire essential skills for working in different business environments, such as for-profit and nonprofit organizations and governmental and international non-governmental entities.

3.   Use best practices in the core disciplines of business, economics, and organizational development, especially as applied within a cross-cultural and international context.

4.   Formulate a personal philosophy of effective and ethical business and leadership practices and strategies, well-grounded in a biblical worldview.


Program Benefits:


  1. The MBA online program is 100% asynchronous, allowing students to access courses at any time and any place with an internet connection.

  2. Each course runs for 6 weeks and is offered back to back.  The program completes in 15 months.

  3. The MBA is 100% online, so there are no residency requirements and no international visa requirements.

  4. Provides the opportunity to network with students from all around the world.

  5. Students achieve higher skills and knowledge for personal and professional growth.