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 Purpose and Objectives

    The purpose of this One-Year Certificate Program is college preparation for students who do not speak English as a first language.

    The student will receive practical training in learning English as Second Language so as to pursue higher education in English or to pursue careers which demand English.

Upon completion of the certificate program, the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an adequate knowledge of English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 
  2. Use English as a tool to pursue higher education and future careers which require English fluency.



ESL 051 Immersed Eng. 1                    (3 NDU)

ESL 061 Beg Conv. 1                            (3 NDU)

ESL 071 Beg. English 1                        (3 NDU)

ESL 081 Beg. Reading 1                      (3 NDU)

ESL 091 Beg. Writing 1                        (3 NDU)

ESL 101 TOEFL Prep. 1                        (3 NDU)

Total: 18 credits


ESL 052 Immersed Eng. 2                   (3 NDU)

ESL 062 Beg. Conv. 2                          (3 NDU)

ESL 072 Beg. English 2                       (3 NDU)

ESL 082 Beg. Reading 2                     (3 NDU)

ESL 092 Beg. Writing 2                       (2 NDU)

ESL 102 TOEFL Prep. 2                       (3 NDU)

Total: 18 credits

Note: ESL courses are preparatory and do not earn college degree credits.

ESL courses earn Non-Degree Units (NDU).