English Test 2023

With Individual Audio

Q:Can you speak English你会说英语吗?

A:Yes, I can speak a little English.

Q:Which school will you go to in the U.S.你准备去美国那个学校读书?

A:I will go to Eucon International School (or Eucon International University) in Saipan.

Q:什么专业?语言学习?(看着你的I-20来提问的) What is your Major?


A:My major is in Education and I will take a Language learning program for half a semester.

Q:Why do you go to this school to study为什么去这个学校读书

A:Eucon International School was introduced to me by my friend, who had many positive experiences with the program.(展示Eucon宣传册)

Q: Have you been to U.S? /other Countries?你有去过美国/其他国家吗?

A:---No, I've never been to the United States

Q:Which school did you study at in China你在中国那个学校读书?那个学校毕业?

A:I graduated from (Guangzhou Covenant International School) in July 2022.

Q:你有申请了几所大学?有拿到几个大学的录取信?How many universities have you applied for, and how many offers have you received?

A: I have received an I-20 from Eucon International University.(出示EUCON录取通知书?)

Q:Who is your tuition sponsor谁支付你读书的费用?

你父母的工作?what do your parents do?

Answer (2)

  • By my parents. My father is the professor of Guangzhou University Law School, my mother is an art teacher. Both of them have many students.
  • I have been working for many years so I have enough funds to support myself.

Q:What's your plan for studying abroad? What is your dream?

A: My study plan is to complete four years of college in EUCON。

 I plan to stay in EUCON until I finish my college degree in education

Q:Where do you live?给我你的身份证

A:This is my ID card,(出示身份证) I live in (Room 507, Building 8, Yiyue Street, Agile Garden, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong,) China.

Q:Do you have any brothers or sisters你有其他兄弟姐妹吗?


A:---No, I am an only child. (展示家庭照片)

Q:Do you have any relatives in U.S有亲人在美国?

A:---No, I do not have any relatives in the U.S. This is my family group photo. (展示家庭照片)

Q:在国外遇到紧急事情你会怎么做?What will you do in an emergency? Who will you contact for help?

A:I will seek help from my parents and teachers.

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