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Academic Year

The Academic year at EUCON International University Graduate School consists of two semesters of 15 weeks each. Fall Semester begins at the end of August or beginning of September and ends in mid-December.  Spring Semester begins in mid-January and ends at the beginning of May.

Summer and Winter Schools

EUCON International University Graduate School offers Summer School and Winter School Programs for students who desire to accelerate their academic programs.  Summer School begins at the close of each academic year and finishes by late August.  Winter School begins at the end of December and finishes before the second semester begins.  The University reserves the right to cancel any course having fewer than three students officially registered.  Courses are taught by both resident faculty and adjunct professors during the summer and winter sessions.  A full-time load of coursework for summer and winter school students is considered to be 9 credit hours over any combination of sessions.  No student may register for more than three courses during the same session without prior permission. 

Student Load

The normal load for a full-time student is 12 -15 credit hours per semester.  The minimum full-time load is 9 semester hours.  Any student who desires to take more than normal load needs to meet with an advisor who will deny or approve the request. No student will be allowed to take more than 15 credits if his GPA is lower than 3.5.

Purpose of the Master of Arts in Theology Degree

The purpose of the Master of Arts in Theology degree is to provide a basic understanding of theological disciplines for further graduate/postgraduate studies and strengthen the student’s understanding of Bible doctrine which will increase confidence in the Scriptures, expand student’s knowledge of God, and develop a realistic view of humanity to prepare students for ministry, particularly in an Asian context.


Learning Outcomes
1. Students will engage in analysis, synthesis, and critical evaluation of the basic Christian doctrines.
2. Students will develop skills in biblical interpretation and apply these skills in the evaluation of theological systems.
3. Students will develop graduate level research, writing, and communication skills culminating in written graduate level research papers.
4. Students will construct a consistent theological system and defend same.
5. Students will apply theological truths learned to life and Christian service.
6. Students will develop a deeper understanding and walk with the Lord.

Program Structure – 36 Credit Hours

Theological Research and Writing (pass/fail)
Advanced Hermeneutics (3)
Old Testament Introduction I (3)
Old Testament Introduction II (3)
Old Testament Theology (3)
New Testament Introduction I (3)
New Testament Introduction II (3)
New Testament Theology (3)
Systematic Theology I (Prolegomena [Into. Theology], Bibliology, Theology Proper) (3)
Systematic Theology II (Anthropology, Christology, Pneumatology) (3)
Systematic Theology III (Hamartiology, , Ecclesiology, Soteriology) (3)
Systematic Theology IV (Eschatology, Angelology, Demonology/Satanology) (3)
Historical Theology (3)

Comprehensive Examination (pass/fail)

Contact Information

Dr. Christian Wei

Dr. Christian Wei


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