The TIMOTHY SCHOLARSHIP program is provided for Christian missionary workers and the children of missionary workers. This work scholarship program is for full-time students only with a class load of at least 12 hours. The Timothy Scholarship is available for first time freshman students.

The EUCON WORK SCHOLARSHIP program for financial assistance ranges from partial up to full scholarship. The work scholarship program is for full-time students only with a class load of at least 12 hours. This Scholarship program is only available to second year students of EUCON International University. To qualify for this scholarship program, students must demonstrate high morals, mature Christian character, show financial need, and possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

EUCON International University provides financial assistance or loans to qualifying students on an individual basis. These loans are repaid to the U
niversity through various work study programs. 

The work scholarship programs are based on financial need, as well as other factors determined by the College. Priority is given to the students with the greatest financial need. Under the work scholarship programs, the student's required work hours are based on the amount of their financial assistance. 

Work scholarship students may also receive discounts on their tuition, room and board. The hourly wage is based on the local minimum wage. However, this is not a cash working program. All earned wages are credited to the student's account. A scholarship student will work part-time hours during the semesters and semester breaks. 

Areas of student work include but are not limited to the art department, grounds keeping, house-keeping, food service, school office, and ESL teaching and tutoring.

Please contact the admissions office for applications and further information.

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