EUCON International University has been established for men and women to prepare for their future Christian ministry and their service in the workforce. It is with the utmost commitment that we desire to give the people of Saipan as well as international students the opprtunity to further education with a four-year, college-level program of study. I hope you will see the excellence of EUCON as you attend our University.

    At EUCON International School we strive to train our students in the disciplines of hard work and high standards. Our primary goal is to train our students to cultivate good Christian character. This is because we believe that once students develop such character they will do well in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. EUCON is a place where students are prepared to be people after God's own heart so that they may serve their generation and the generations to come.

    Our University and school faculties are committed to give our students the best Christian educational experience that is possible, and at the same time equip them to serve God.

In Christ,
Dr Christian Wei, President/Administrator

A Personal Word From Our President

 The word "EUCON" means "the excellent light" in the original language. It is transliterated from the Chinese characters you guang and, for us, denotes that Jesus Christ is "the true Light" (John 1:9). To bring men and women, boys and girls out of the darkness of their old lives and into the light of a new life with Jesus Christ is the most important task of EUCON International University and School of Saipan.

  We truly believe there is only one way to transform a person, and that is through Jesus Christ. By teaching the Word of God we are teaching our students to know Christ, Who is the Living Word. When students truly know the Lord, He will change them.

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