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PR 102 Principles of Evangelism: Preparation for Service. The devotional life, prayer life, spiritual qualifications for the ministry, conduct, call, general education, study of the Word, devotion to the ministry, the nature of service, motives. The duty and privilege of soul-winning: Christ, the Master Evangelist; early church evangelism in Acts; building bridges; a basic soul-winning method; dealing with different types of people; follow-up; training soul-winners; evangelistic efforts. Second semester, three credit hours.

PR 104 Social Ethics. The course will require the student to consider societies' modern questions of right and wrong in light of the Christian doctrine. Second semester, three credit hours. This class meets the requirement for a social science elective.

PR 107 Discipleship / Preaching. Personal Discipleship (1st seven weeks): principles, guidelines, and methods in the discipling of new converts. Includes a study of a variety of discipleship materials. Emphasis will be on one-on-one discipleship. 

Fundamentals of Preaching (2nd seven weeks): the nature and importance of preaching. Discussion of the theme concept and the means by which an effective sermon is developed. Three credit hours.

PR 201 Music / Youth Ministries. Ministry of Music (1st seven weeks): A study of the place and importance of music in Christian worship. Scriptural principles for church music. The role of the pastor, the song leader, the choir director, and / or the minister of music in the music program; congregational singing; special music; the choir; problems in the development of a quality music program. Emphasis is placed on building a church music program on Scriptural principles.

The Youth Ministry (2nd seven weeks): A study of the philosophy of youth work; the winning and discipleship of today's youth; qualifications and characteristics of a good youth pastor; youth pastor / pastor relationship; youth pastor / parent relationship; the youth pastor and the Christian school; the junior high ministry; the senior high ministry; counseling youth; promotion and direction of the youth ministry; programs and activities. First semester, two credit hours. This class meets the requirement for a social science elective.

PR 202 Current Trends / Missions. Current Cults and Trends (1st seven weeks): A study of the key

characteristics of cults and unscriptural trends. Guidelines for dealing with false teaching. Historical roots of current conflicts between Fundamentalists and Liberals, Neo-evangelicals, and Pseudo-fundamentalists. Discussions of the Neo-evangelical philosophy and of the Pseudo-fundamentalist philosophy. The preacher's responsibility to instruct and warn concerning false teaching. Principles for intelligent warfare. Missions and Evangelistic Efforts (2nd seven weeks): The biblical basis of missions. The place and importance of missions. Home missions; introduction to American church planting; foreign field church planting; survey of current world mission needs and opportunities; men / women for missions; mission conferences; church mission teams; support for missions; caring for missionaries on deputation and furlough. Two credit hours.

PR 301 Church Education / Ministry & Law. The Ministry and Law (1st seven weeks): A study of civil war as it affects pastors, church, Christian schools, and their ministries. Includes discussion of potential liabilities relating to abuse cases, church discipline, and counseling. The Church Education Program (2nd seven weeks): A study of the Sunday School; planning the program, enlisting and training teachers, choosing materials. Other educational ministries of the local church: AWANA, VBS, training union. Three credit hours.

PR 303 Pastoral Care. Pastoral Counseling (1st seven weeks): A study of the place and limitations of counseling in the ministry; the biblical approach to counseling; the practice and process of counseling; problems and dangers in counseling. Marital and family counseling; the hospital ministry; counseling the bereaved; dealing with special problems; illegitimacy, addiction, perversion, bitterness, divorce and re-marriage. Reliable resources, organizations, and agencies for referral. Personal and Church Finance (2nd seven weeks): Scriptural principles of stewardship; personal stewardship; cultivation of stewardship in the local church. The church budget; buying and selling property; building; borrowing; insurance and taxes. Three credit hours.

PR 401 Family / Public Ministry. The Preacher and His Family (1st seven weeks): Looking toward marriage: setting Scriptural standards; making the right choice. The preacher's relationship with his wife: his role as a leader; his role as a husband and companion. The preacher's relationship with his family: the father's role; authority, obedience, and discipline; building character. The preacher's home in its relationship to the church. The Pastor's Public Ministry (2nd seven weeks): Instructions and guidelines concerning the pastor's major public functions other than preaching. Includes discussion of weddings, funerals, baptismal services, and the Lord's Supper. Each area will include specific treatment of the preparation for the service, the procedure during and following the service, and resolving problems likely to occur. Three credit hours.

PR 402 The Purity / Glory of the Ministry. Church Purity and Unity (1st seven weeks): Scriptural and historical bases for the roots and development of Fundamentalism; guidelines for cultivating biblical practices regarding such vital issues as ecclesiastical separation as the foundation of true unity, church harmony, personal associations, and proper relationships with other pastors in the community. 
The Glory of the Ministry (2nd 7 weeks): Designed to give each student a biblical impression of the high calling of the ministry, the awesome nature of its responsibilities, and the glorious and eternal nature of its rewards. Includes discussion of the implications of God's call, characteristics of a true man of God, challenges of the ministry, the man in the ministry, what we preach, and the way we preach. Three credit hours.

PR 406 Expository Preaching. Analysis, preparation, and presentation of expository sermons. Hermeneutic principles considered historically as they affected expository preaching. Three credit hours.