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EUCON International University

  • Education Professors (2 Needed)

– Two years college teaching experience

– Must possess at least a master\’s degree, a doctorate degree is much preferred

– Expertise in report preparation, self-study, and strategic planning for college accreditation

EUCON International School

  • Accounting Clerk

Job duties:

The Accounting Clerk, receiving general guidance from the school Finance Manager, performs general bookkeeping duties, including checking, computation, classifying and recording data to keep financial records; establishes and maintains
a chart of accounts and subsidiary accounts, allocating, and posting transactions; performs other bookkeeping and accounting assistance tasks.

Other requirements:

Must have a high school diploma/GED with at least 12 months of progressive work experience in the accounting clerk field with basic accounting and clerical skills and knowledge. Skill in Microsoft and QuickBooks software, math and English,
and operating computer.

Work Location: EUCON International School, Kulales Place, Chalan Plae Arnold Road, Gualo Rai

Mail Address: P. O. Box 500087, Saipan, MP 98950

E-Mail Address:

  • Accountant

The Accountant receiving general guidance from the school’s Finance Manager:

1)  Performs the operational functions of the school’s accounting office in planning, organizing, and conducting all accounting operations and the school’s administrative Internal Audit.

2) Ensures timely accounting reporting to the Finance Manager

3) Adheres to accepted accounting principles, and

4) Performs complex accounting duties with a high level of independence and professional discretion.

Must have a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree with at least 5 years of progressive work experience as an Accountant.

  • Secondary School Teacher

Provides instruction all the secondary school level in the following classes: Fundamental Math, Algebra I and Geometry; creates lesson plans; evaluates student performance and provides feedback; communicates students’ progress to parents; develops;
develops and updates curriculum for the classroom; maintains accurate records of students’ progress; keep order in the classroom; posts grades and sends grade reports to parents; performs other teaching-related duties.

Other requirements:

Baccalaureate degree in liberal arts, stem-science, or engineering; ability to communicate and interact with students and parents; ability to encourage and motivate students; basic computer and Microsoft skills; Chinese language skills preferred,
as school instructs both native English and Chinese speaking students.

  • Business Office Manager


1. Manage front office staff in the performance of administrative functions.

2. Assist visitors, students and parents with Chinese/Mandarin to English and English to Chinese/Mandarin communication, as needed.

3. Provide executive level administrative assistance to school president and senior management staff.

4. Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, or reports. such as presentations or expense, statistical, or monthly reports.

5. Manage projects or contribute to committee or teamwork.

6. Maintain scheduling and event calendars coordinate conferences, meetings, or special events.

Other requirements:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Management

2. 60 months of administrative management experience

3 Fluent bi-lingual English and Chinese/Mandarin language skills for working with our Chinese students and patrons

4. Skilled in the use of computers for database management and word processing.

Work Location: EUCON International School, Kulales Place, Chalan Plae Arnold Road, Gualo Rai

Mail Address: P. O. Box 500087, Saipan, MP 98950

E-Mail Address:

Tel# 1670 234 3203

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