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Master of Arts

Degree Category III.

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The philosophy of education of EUCON International University is both Christian and traditional in its approach.

Biblical Foundation:
Our system is based on absolute truth. All truth is Biblically based and from God. Our commitment is to insure that all training at EUCON International University is based on a Biblical foundation and that this foundation of Biblical values is integrated into all disciplines.

Teacher-learning Process:
We believe in the traditional teacher-directed method of education and that effective learning occurs at various levels as demonstrated by the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. Although knowledge and comprehension are indispensable, our aim is to insure that the higher levels of learning - application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation - are not neglected. 
In the learning process, the teacher should serve as the human authority within the classroom. The teacher, not the student, should direct what the student needs to learn, and make him learn it. In order for knowledge to be effectively transmitted, it is necessary that the student demonstrate diligence, Biblical humility, and an eagerness to learn. It is necessary that the teacher be knowledgeable in the subject matter taught, diligent in his preparation, and willing to sacrifice for his students’ sake.

preparation, and willing to sacrifice for his students’ sake.