Accreditation :

We are now offering

Master of Arts

Degree Category III.

Institution Goals and Objective

The EIU Mission Statement encapsulates the following objectives of the institution:

1. To instruct our students in the liberal arts and specialized disciplines in accordance with the highest academic standards within the framework of Holy Scripture.

2. To provide students from China and other Asian countries the opportunity to learn English and pursue degrees at an American institution.

3. As a Fundamentalist institution committed to biblical principles of doctrine and practice, to inculcate Scriptural truth and counter the cults, Liberalism, the Ecumenical Movement, Neo-Evangelicalism, the Charismatic Movement as well as other false religions and ideologies.

4. To foster a Spirit-filled environment that will help enable students to walk in holiness as they grow in their relationship with Christ. Hence, the college seeks in all of its curricular and extra-curricular activities to train young people to ¨think what Christ would think, say what Christ would say, and do what Christ would do.

5. To proclaim the Gospel in every aspect of college life to non-Christian students so that they may have a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

6. To instill godly character and Christ-like discipline in our students so as to aid them in living victorious Christian lives and serving effectively as Christian workers and lay-persons in non-Christian societies.

7. To impart to students those skills that are necessary for effectiveness in their chosen professions

8. The Teacher Education Program at EUCON International University is designed to equip future teachers with foundational Biblical knowledge and to aid them in the development of Christ-like character. EUCON International University strives to offer high quality teacher training and excellent Biblical education for future servants of Christ.