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SC 101 General Science Survey. This course covers the physical science areas of astronomy, meteorology, geology, and oceanography. The Christian perspective of reaction and evolution is studied. Second semester, three credit hours.

SC 201 Biology Science Survey. A philosophy of science, origins, the scientific methods, the limitations of science, the basic chemistry of biology, the characteristics of living things, and an introduction to the major topics of cell biology. Laboratory experience required. Second semester, three credit hours.

SC 205 Abnormal Psychology. A study of the history of theories and classifications of abnormal behavior. The emphasis is on the intellectual and emotional abnormalities of human behavior. Three credit hours.

SC 208 Clinical Psychology. A study of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the treatment of human behavioral and adjustment problems. Biblical principles are applied to the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Three credit hours.

SC 210 Nutrition. This course is a study of the fundamental nutrients, their functions and interactions in the human body. It also focuses on the relation of food choice to the health of the individual and practice in dietary planning. Three credit hours.

SC 220 Human Anatomy and Physiology. This study will consist of the organization of the human body, including tissues, intravenous, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems; sense organs; endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, and digestive systems; nutrition and metabolism; fluid and acid-base balance; urinary and reproductive systems; and development of the embryo and fetus. Three credit hours.

SC 230 Organic and Biological Chemistry. This course is another important dimensional look at chemistry from the biological perspectives. It will focus on the introduction of organic chemistry and biochemistry. These are particularly important to the process of administrating the right medical drugs. It will introduce nomenclature, structure, physical properties, reactions, and preparation of carbon compounds. Three credit hours.

SC 240 Microbiology. This course will study the form, structure, reproduction, physiology, metabolism, identification, and control of microorganisms, with emphasis on the bacteria. The course will also mention about the basic principles of immunology and serology. Three credit hours.