• BI: Bible

  • BL: Bibical Language

  • CA: Church Administration

  • CS: Computer Science

  • ED: General Education

  • EE: Elementary Education

  • EN: English

  • ESL: English As A Second Langauge

  • HE: Home Economics

  • HI: History

  • MA: Mathematics

  • ML: Modern Language

  • MU: Music

  • OR: Orientation

  • PE: Physical Education

  • PR: Practical Training

  • SC: General Science

  • SP: Speech


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Note: ESL courses are preparatory English language courses. As such, ESL courses do not provide credit toward a college degree. Students of ESL courses earn Non-Degree Units (NDU).

ESL 011, 021, 031, 041 ESL Preparation Class - Reading. This course will prepare the student for reading college level materials. Emphasis is on pronunciation and comprehension. Selected summer and winter sessions, One NDU each.

ESL 012, 022, 032, 042 ESL Preparation Class-Vocabulary. This course will help the student to recognize, spell, understand, and utilize a greater quantity and variety of English words. Emphasis will be upon vocabulary acquisition through spelling practice, speaking practice, memorization, association, and context. Selected summer and winter sessions, One NDU each.

ESL 013, 023, 033, 043 ESL Preparation Class-Writing. This course will prepare the student for college level writing. Emphasis will be upon paragraph and composition structure. Clarity, conciseness, and coherency as well as grammatical and mechanical correctness will be stressed throughout the course. Selected summer and winter sessions, One NDU each.

ESL 014, 024, 034, 044 ESL Preparation Class-Grammar. This course will introduce the grammatical rules and conventions of modern American English. Emphasis will be upon correct and meaningful sentence structure in writing as well as in speaking. Selected summer and winter sessions, One NDU each.

ESL 015, 025, 035, 045 ESL Preparation Class-Conversation. This course will provide a setting for students to practice English conversation over academic and non-academic topics. Selected summer and winter Sessions, One NDU each.

ESL 016, 026, 036, 046 ESL Preparation Class - TOEFL Listening. This course will focus on preparing students for the Listening Section of the TOEFL Exam. Emphasis is on listening comprehension of spoken English words, idioms, and expressions. Selected Summer and Winter Sessions, One NDU each