The following steps for admission are required:

1. A completed "General Application Form" with required fees must be submitted to the EUCON office.

2. An arrangement with the EUCON office is required in order to insure forwarding of previous official high school or college transcripts and records.

3. Applicants must supply the EUCON office with three contact references (relatives may not serve as contact references). The applicant will then be notified of the status of his/her application.

4. If the written application is approved, the applicant should prepare for an interview and await further information regarding orientation time.

   Foreign student documentation needed
      a. Birth Certificate 
      b. Passport (photocopy)
      c. Transcript of Records (original copy)
      d. Immunization Record
      e. Police Clearance (original copy)
      f. Photo/Passport-size (6 copies with white background)
      g. Affidavit of Support (financial support)
      h. Parent's / Sponsor's Passport (photocopy)
      i. Guardian Declaration 

Documents needed for immigration:
      a. F-1 Visa from US Consulate (Guidelines)
      b. I-20 of EIC
      c. Letter of Acceptance
      d. Passport

All non-English documents must be translated into English and notarized.

Government fees for foreign students

Secure a list of fees from the Business Office for the following:

      • Application for student visa
      • Alien Registration fee
      • Health Certificate