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why choose eiu?  

At EUCON International University we strive to train our students in the disciplines of hard work and high standards. Our primary goal is to train our students to cultivate good Christian character.

Island & Student Life

The Island of Saipan is described by tourism officials as a tropical island offering \”bright turquoise skies, crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, flaming sunsets and warm tropical breezes, along with the affectionate smiles…

The Excellent Light

The word \”EUCON\” means \”the excellent light\” in the original language. It is transliterated from the Chinese characters you guang and, for us, denotes that Jesus Christ is \”the true Light\” (John 1:9) 

Student Testimonials

Don\’t take our word for it – here\’s what our students say: 

I did not let differences (in age; she notes she is twice the age of her classmates) become reasons or excuses for me not to study. \’Live until old, study until old.\’ (Chinese saying)

Ying “Heidi” Huang

All our teachers opened doors to let me see the palace of knowledge and [allow] me to taste the theological banquet. Thank God who gave me a chance to study here and find out about these abundant treasures.

Ren Quiang Qui

The long and short college days have become an invisible film that will be treasured in our minds forever.

Yi Jin Zhu

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