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 Purpose and Objectives

    The purpose of this One-Year Certification Program is to prepare the student for service in an English as Second Language (ESL) ministry to the Chinese people.

    The student will receive practical training in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Students will practice planning and delivering instruction during their teaching internship at EUCON International School.

Upon completion of the certificate program, the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an adequate knowledge of basic Mandarin, modern Chinese history, and Chinese culture. 
  2. Use TESL as a method of evangelism to the Chinese people.



BI 101: New Test. Survey 1                (3 credits)

EDU 490 TESL                                    (3 credits)

EDU 491 TESL Internship 1               (3 credits)

EN 101 Gram. & Comp. 1                 (3 credits)

ML 101 Beginning Chinese 1           (3 credits)

OR 101 Orientation                           (1 credits)

Total: 16 creditsTotal: 18 credits


BI 102 New Test. Survey 2                 (3 credits)

EE 492 TESL Internship 2                  (3 credits)

EN 102 Gram. & Comp. 2                 (3 credits)

ML 102 Beginning Chinese 2            (3 credits)

MU 101 Music Appreciation              (2 credits)

PR 102 Principles of Evang.               (3 credits)

Total: 17 credits

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