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CA 201 Introduction to Church Ministries. A survey of the whole field of Christian education: objectives, principles, problems, methods, materials, and programs. Three credit hours.

CA 301 Sunday School Ministries. A study of the development of the Sunday School to the present day, including principles and methods of Sunday School building and enlargement, reaching the Sunday School constituency, department organization and supervision, objectives, methods, and soul-winning. Three credit hours.

CA 304 Church Administration. This course deals with the organization of the local church. Topics on pastoral theology, pastoral administration, and Christian education ministries are covered as well as principles of leadership. Three credit hours.

CA 401 – 402 Pastoral Internship 1 & 2. In this internship, the student will gain practical experience in the pastoral ministry. Students work with an experienced pastor to complete the required internship hours. Three credit hours each. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

CA 410 Methods of Church Planting. A study of the advantage of pioneering a new church, how to choose a field, how to build the congregation, visitation, construction of church buildings, how to build a Sunday School, pastor-people relations, promotion, and publicity. Three credit hours. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.