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BL 101 Elementary Greek 1. Introduction to Koine (New Testament) Greek. The focus will be basic grammar, vocabulary, and simple translation. First Semester. Three credit hours.


BL 102 Elementary Greek 2. Continuation of the introduction of the grammatical basics of Koine (New Testament) Greek. After completing the study of the grammatical structure of the language, students will translate parts of 1 John to improve their skills in working with Koine Greek. Second semester. Three credit hours. Prerequisite: BL 101.


BL 201 Intermediate Greek 1. Further development of the understanding of Koine Greek. In addition to continued work on grammar and vocabulary, students will be introduced to print and electronic resources for more advanced work in Greek, and to the concept of word studies. The Gospel of Mark will serve as the basis for translation and research work. First semester. Three credit hours. Prerequisite: BL 102.


BL 202 Intermediate Greek 2. The final course in the Greek sequence. Students will be exposed to the full discipline of biblical exegesis, and equipped for further work in New Testament studies. Students will translate The Gospel of Mark and exegete selected passages. Second semester. three credit hours. Prerequisite: BL 201.