Social and Spiritual Requirements 

EUCON International University is committed to non-discriminatory admission practices regardless of age, race, color, gender, nationality, and ethnic origin. Candidates for admission to EUCON International University should show evidence of good character and decent conduct. Students who transfer from other institutions should demonstrate good behavior and should have received an honorable dismissal from their previous institution. Foreign students who apply for admission to EUCON must obtain a proper student visa and pay all the fees required before they can be considered a candidate of the College.


    EUCON International University is open to fundamental, Bible-believing Christians and anyone who favorably shows a sincere interest and a spirit of cooperation in following biblical principles and rules of conduct.

    With regard to such conduct, the applicant must sign a statement of cooperation with the school. Thus, several factors enter into the acceptance of applications, such as academic background, motivation, and personal testimony.

    Policy Regarding Divorced Applicants: People who have been divorced are welcomed to apply for admission to EUCON International University on the following conditions:
        1. Provision of a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding the divorce. This explanation 

            should be attached to the application.
        2. Provision of a statement from his pastor that he has demonstrated an exemplary Christian testimony for

            at least two years after the divorce.
        3. An interview with the President and the Academic Dean.
        4. If the administration decides to admit the applicant, he must agree to the following stipulations:
            a. He cannot enroll in the Pastoral Studies program.
            b. He must live off-campus.

Academic Requirements


    All applicants must provide a high school diploma or equivalent. ACT and SAT scores will be considered as well as an applicant's GPA in high school. The following minimum high school credits are recommended and will be considered as well:

    • English: 4 credits
    • Mathematics: 3 credits
    • Science: 3 credits
    • Social Studies / History: 3 credits
    • Foreign Language: 1 credit
    • Fine Art: 1 credit

    Foreign students whose English is a second language must submit a TOEFL exam score report. A minimum score of 500 (paper-based score or equivalent) on the TOEFL is required in order to enroll in a degree program. Otherwise, the student, upon acceptance, must enter the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Enrollment in the ESL program entails a year-long academic probation period. Students who fail to achieve a minimum TOEFL test score of 500 (paper-based score or equivalent) must remain in the ESL program until they obtain a score of 500 or greater. Room, board and tuition are reasonable and work scholarships are available.